(Not eligible for awards if submitted pic does not contain official ruler)

- poonfecta! 1st, 2nd, 3rd place team, (team award)

3 measured tarpon closest to size drawn at captains meeting

- micro tarpon, (individual award)

1 measured tarpon closest to 0"

- sick pic, (team award )

New 2018 sweetwater sick pic to be announced!

- pooncutta, most tarpon (team award)

1 team that catches the most tarpon throughout the weekend! (A catch chart will be provided to be completed. Team that completes the chart or comes the closest to completing wins!)

Note: in the event of a tie in any and/or all categories the team &/or individual with the earlier check in time will be awarded!

2018 Poonfecta OUTLINE!

-2 person team (No individual person)

-Fly fishing ONLY! (No bait, scent, or chumming)

Catch/photo/release! Please handle all fish with the best of care & keep all fish in the water as much as possible!

-Fish anywhere in the State of Florida!

Friday, -Poonfecta Captains meeting & Sweetwater brew kickoff party! @Bar fly Safety Harbor, Florida-

Check in begins at 7pm to 9pm & team tournament bag is issued. The Captains meeting begins at 10pm! It is mandatory that one team member is present. Blind draw at Captains meeting for size of tarpon that all teams will fish for. (Max 23" tarpon) All rules are gone over and fishing can begin immediately following Captains meeting!

Saturday, @Bar fly Safety Harbor, Florida--


Take a break from fishing & party with the poonfecta crew! FREE! open to the public. Live music & Featured fly fishing films

Sunday, - Poonfecta fly fest! - @Bar fly Safety Harbor, Florida-

Tournament check in noon-3pm. Both team members MUST be present at check-in

No check in after 3pm! After 3pm you are disqualified

3pm- 'EPIC casting for a cause' fly casting contest! OPEN to the public!

5pm- Poonfecta Awards & grande raffle!